ACT Verification

Dear Students, 

Please note the following regarding the new implementation of verification of examination results.

  1. This verification process is established to check for ADDITION, COMPUTATION and TRANSCRIPTION errors (ACT verification) of any MBBS main/supplementary examination. This is not applicable for CAT examinations
  2. The candidates will be allowed to appeal for verification of marks through an application process to the Senior Assistant Registrar/ Assistant Registrar (SAR/AR) of FOM within five working days from the release of results. 
  3. A payment of Rs. 3000 per Subject will be charged for verification. The fees paid for verification by the students will not be refunded irrespective of whether the marks are changed or not as the cost for the verification process should be borne by the students.
  4. If the results are not changed, the candidate will be notified by the SAR/AR after the verification Board meeting. If the results are changed, the outcome of the verification will be available to the candidate within the next five working days following a Special Board of Examination (BOE).
  5. Candidates must complete the given application form and submit it to the relevant Department Office, FOM, with the payment receipt issued by the KDU Accounts Division. 
  6. This verification process is effective from 24.08.2022.
  7. Please note that the details and the application form will be uploaded in the FOM website for your future reference. 
Application Form