Department of Pre Clinical Sciences

Department of Pre Clinical Sciences has a major role to play in laying the foundation stone in mouldering a military medical student to a competent, skilled and compassionate medical professional in the armed forces. The curriculum is designed to introduce and facilitate the teaching and learning of scientific basis of medicine in understanding clinical sciences. Apart from the traditional methods of teaching and learning, the students are introduced early to clinical patients and skills sessions to strengthen learning of basic sciences. The Behavioral Sciences Stream (Personal & Professional Development) runs parallel to the medical program and especially designed to inculcate holistic approach to doctor-patient relationships.

Evaluation of students is done on a regular basis and the second MBBS, a bar Exam is held at the end of pre clinical course. The academic staff has a special commitment and interest towards research and other extracurricular activities apart from their primary responsibility of teaching and training of undergraduates.

Subject areas: Anatomy, Biochemistry, Physiology