Research and Higher Degrees Committee

Prof. MV Weerasooriya – Chairperson
Dr. PBV Navaratne
Dr. RANK Wijesinghe
Dr. CL Goonasekara
Dr. A Balasuriya – Convener

The responsibilities of the Research and Higher Degrees Committee (RHDC), Faculty of Medicine at the General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University are to;

develop and promote research and higher degrees policies and guidelines,
assure quality,
review, monitor, coordinate and administer research and higher degrees process,
promote highest standards and practices of research supervision and conduct,
advice and mentor research students and supervisor and
advice the Faculty Board regarding research.

RHDC Guidelines

All postgraduate students registering for research and higher degrees should get the approval from the RHDC. Approval will be granted for a period of one year only and extended subject to satisfactory progress reports. The RHDC shall assure quality of the research and the supervisors/ co-investigators. The researchers, students and supervisors are expected to comply with the RHDC to maintain highest standards and practices of research through the review process.

All research activities applying for funds from the KDU should get approval from the RHDC. The RHDC shall ensure quality by coordination and administration relevant to the research.

RHDC Application

The following documents shall be handed over to the Chairperson or the Convener for approval.

  1. Letter of application
  2. Research proposal
  3. Complete bio data of the researchers, students and supervisors
  4. Time frame
  5. Budget if funds are requested from the KDU
    The RHDC shall determine the suitability and the quality of the research for higher degrees including the relevance and qualifications of the researchers, students and supervisors. The applicant should submit progress reports every year or earlier (where appropriate).